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Line Wall Stickers Strip Decals Modern Boho Nursery Decor Scandi, KL0003

Line Wall Stickers Strip Decals Modern Boho Nursery Decor Scandi, KL0003

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Linear Wall Stickers, Modern Wall Stickers, Boho Style Nursery Decor, Scandinavian Home Decor



The ”SMALL" sheet size is 14 by 22
inches with 20 stickers (each consists of 3 strips).Sticker size: width 5.9 inches ,height 2.05 inches
The ”LARGE" sheet size is 28 x 45”
with 84 stickers (each consists of 3 strips).Sticker size: width 5.9 inches ,height 2.05 inches

* Detailed instructions for installing vinyl stickers

• Each individual sticker can be placed the way you want!

♥ How to order:

1. please choose the type of stickers, we have two here:
- FABRIC STICKERS (reusable MATERIAL up TO 100 plywood)

2. Please choose a set - LARGE or SMALL

3. Choose a color or send me your sample color via ETSY messages, email me the color you want to receive via Etsy messages, please.

4.Add to cart and pay

individual size can be made!


* Easy to apply and can be easily removed without damaging your walls.

* Vinyl stickers are not reusable

* Vinyl stickers work well with flat surfaces and lightly textured walls, doors, windows, furniture surfaces.

• Not for freshly painted walls - before applying stickers, it is necessary to let the walls dry in accordance with the paint instructions

* The stickers already have an adhesive layer and they are already cut out

• all vinyl stickers have a glossy finish!

•We use high quality 3M, Oracle, vinyl

♥ Fabric stickers:

* fabric stickers can only be used on a flat, dry, flat and clean surface, such as: furniture, windows or mirrors or smooth painted walls, fabric stickers do not work well with textured walls and they may start to peel off if your walls are cold (especially in winter),

* the sticker fabric is not suitable for bathroom and kitchen (vinyl decals are better for these rooms).

* Fabric stickers are reusable, you can replace them up to 10 times without losing their stickiness

* Fabric stickers do not damage the walls and do not leave sticky marks if you decide to remove them!

* Fabric stickers already have an adhesive layer, so you don't need glue
and they are already cut out


* Large stickers may consist of two parts, it is possible that one part will be slightly wider than the other by a few millimeters, we try to do this as accurately as possible, but a slight discrepancy is quite possible, THEREFORE, to avoid an unpleasant impression, first try on the stickers without gluing, and if necessary, carefully cut off the excess, only then glue the stickers to the wall!

• We recommend seeking help to apply large stickers, it may be difficult to do it alone

♥ Delivery:

* The order is ready to ship within 1-2 days
(custom orders may take up to 7 days)

• We ship using USPS

* International shipping is available


• We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

• If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please return the item in its original condition (unused) within 14 days of delivery of your shipment

• Please send us the tracking number

* Please note that we cannot accept returns of used items, custom designs/sizes, or items returned more than 15 days after delivery.

* The shipping cost is non-refundable and buyers are responsible for the return shipping cost in any case.

• If you place an order, it means that you have read all the terms and warnings and agree to them by default. We accept the return of unused stickers, but if you cut or paste the stickers and then decide to return their value, in this case no refund will be made.


* Customers with shipping addresses outside the United States are responsible for all duties, import taxes and brokerage fees (which are set by their state).

• They are not included in the cost of shipping or processing your order. Customs fees, duties and taxes vary widely from country to country; please contact your local customs agency for details of the estimated costs.

* Customs fees, duties and taxes are non-refundable.

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